Amber Le is a multi-talented producer, sports editor, and event coordinator in the entertainment and sports industry. With a passion for both sports and business, Amber has successfully produced two podcasts, Power Move with Kenya Gipson and The Feature Presentation with DJ Suss One. Power Move delves into the world of sports and business, while The Feature Presentation combines music and movies in a unique and engaging way.

In addition to her podcast productions, Amber also serves as a Sports Editor for WAJ magazine, where she brings her expertise and knowledge to cover the latest sports news and events. Her ability to effectively coordinate events is evident in her work with DJ Suss One, where she organizes the popular Dinner & A Movie experience.

The Beast PR, Amber's brainchild, began two years ago when her colleagues recognized her exceptional talent for connecting the dots in the entertainment and sports industry. With her innate ability to put puzzle pieces together, Amber has created a successful career out of bringing together various elements to create impactful and engaging content and experiences.

Amber's dedication, passion, and knack for bringing people together make her an invaluable asset to any project or endeavor. With her in-depth knowledge of the entertainment and sports industry and her impressive network of connections, she continues to leave her mark in the world of media and events.

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